Why the Hummingbird's Legend?

I guess the first thing is obvious, I like hummingbirds.

We don’t have them here in Germany. Hummingbirds are found only in the western hemisphere, meaning in North America, Central America and South America. I’ve seen many beautiful photographs and finally saw my first one in the wild when travelling the US. I was and still am amazed at the loud sound they make when flying and hovering over bushes and flowers. I remember a hiking tour with my friend Mary in Oregon. We were hiking up Iron Mountain and I heard this loud humming sound. At that moment I couldn’t imagine where the sound came from. I was even expecting a black bear roaming the area. Quite relieved and the same time flabbergasted I then saw two hummingbirds behind us

Did you know that hummingbirds bring love and romance? At least that’s what a common folk belief says in Mexico. According to a Mayan legend the hummingbird is the sun in disguise trying to court a beautiful woman, the moon. (Maybe I need to explain here that in the Mayan culture and also Spanish language the sun is male and the moon is female. In German it is the other way round) Many Native North American cultures have their own legend about this beautiful bird.

I had looked at hummingbird tattoos for a few years previous to my US trip. I had been thinking of getting a tattoo of a hummingbird. I had found one that I really liked but I wasn’t sure yet where on my body to put it. I carried the photo around with me for quite a while until I had made up my mind. I decided to go to a tattoo shop in Seattle while visiting that city. I did some research and decided to go to one close to Pike Place Market. The artists at that shop had many good reviews so I checked it out. I showed them what I wanted, asked them for advice for a good size and they did the preparations. After about 40 minutes on the bench I had my gorgeous hummingbird tattoo on my left calf. Okay, it’s more a mixture of a hummingbird with a quetzal, another beautiful bird native to Mexico and Central America. Anyway, I haven’t regretted the decision to get that tattoo. From that moment on in Seattle the hummingbird has been my travel companion and witness to many experiences.


So, that was the explanation of the hummingbird part in the name of this website.

Now, the legend part has to do with finally deciding to write about my US trip posthumously. The stories about that trip are still a work in progress. I started, then life and work got in the way, and the stories are put on ice for now. BUT, since I’m travelling again, I have the chance to write more immediate to my experiences. Also, I can use my page to write other stories, fictional ones, and just random thoughts and ideas or comments about whatever pops in my head. They are basically the legends then.

There you go, the hummingbird’s legend.

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  1. I had no idea that hummingbird’s were not to be found in Europe – a horrible loss for that continent. But I’m sure there are things there that we lack here.

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