Where to buy your camping equipment

Again, you have several options. You can go to the pros and spend a lot of money for very good equipment. Or you go to Kmart or Briscoes and roam in their camping department and get what you need for less money. Remember, you won’t probably get your money back when you resell it.

Again, you can browse the internet or the Facebook groups for equipment. There is usually somebody who offers their whole load at a decent price.


What to get

his can be a short or a long list. It all depends on what you want and you see as necessary or not. Lots has to do with the number of travellers and with for example eating likes or dislikes and habits. Here are just some ideas:

– cooking pots 2 or more different sizes

– pan

– cutlery

– basic kitchen utensils (tin opener, bottle opener, peeler, …)

– plates and bowls

– cups, glasses

– coffee machine/plunger (French press)

– containers (different sizes as needed)

– gas cooker plus cartridges (cheap at Kmart) or bigger cooker plus big gas bottle

– dishrag, cleaning stuff

– cooler/esky or even little fridge (<- very expensive)

– solar shower

– bedding unless you have a sleeping bag

– folding chair

everything else is just extra 🙂

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