Travels with Siri - What the F***


The other night at the campground. Most people had finished their dinner, some where still sitting outside enjoying the nice air, others were getting ready to go to bed. Valentina hasn’t been one to muck around a lot in the dark. She hates the mosquitoes and that’s why she usually goes to bed soon after it gets dark. Unless she meets nice people and has good conversations with them around the campfire.

That special night however, she had finished her chapter in her book, had re-worked on her song lyrics and finished her meditation when she was lying in her bed with the trunk open. As long as it’s not raining she loves to leave the back of her car open to get some fresh air.

That’s when we heard him. A tirade of “fucking fucks” was coming from the neighbor next to us. I must tell you I had never heard anything like that before. He was a total choleric. It seemed he was looking for something he had lost or misplaced outside their camper. I’ll give you a impression of what it was like: FUCK. What the FUCK. I don’t FUCKING believe it. FUCK. Where is it? This is FUCKING unbelievable. And you just lie there and do nothing! (to his wife in the camper). FUCK you. FUCK. What the FUCK. Where the FUCK is it?

This went on for about five minutes or so. I’m telling you, there was at least one FUCK in ever sentence if not two. He didn’t really shout but it was loud enough for me to hear it. I don’t know what he was looking for, but he couldn’t find it. He searched the area around their camper with his torch, then he sat down and threw the torch on the ground with another FUCK.

Finally his wife appeared and looked again with the torch. He then must have found whatever he was looking for because he bent down and picked something up from under the stairs to the camper. He went to the toilets and his wife went back to bed. When he returned he seemed to be have found his cool again.

I was seriously worried he might become aggressive towards his wife. Especially since they had been a bit weird before in the afternoon. He was massaging her shoulders but apparently he was a bit rough because every now and then she screamed “ouch”. And then she asked him why he did that.

Makes you wonder what the FUCK some people see in another person and why they put up with them.

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