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25-8-17 - Pinnacles


Today was an early start again. We had camped on the side of an off road and traffic was already busy at 6am. I had received several messages during the night which needed checking. Valentina did that while the water for her morning coffee was heating up on the little gas stove.

Yesterday we bought some more camping gear before we looked for our night spot. Some campgrounds won’t allow you on them if you don’t have a camping or portable toilet. There are quite some models on the market but Valentina got the simplest version. It is virtually a padded camping stool under which you hang a disposable plastic bag to do your business in. Pretty neat and simple. But she also got a folding spade so she can just dig a hole and bury her business too if she wanted. I like how she tries to leave as few footprints as possible. Some call it hypocritical to complain about people polluting the environment but to then travel around the world on planes and drive across countries in a petrol powered vehicle. Does that mean then people can’t travel the world anymore unless they do it by bike or walk? How about people finally come up with environmental ways to travel wherever you want to? It’s not that they haven’t come up with clever ideas. It’s the money makers who see their old businesses go away who don’t want the alterative inventions. It’s always about money. I don’t only know a lot about history, I know a lot about many things. You can’t fool me! “Siri, why are you so hot again? What’s heating you up?” “Ah, Valentina, if only you knew!” I should really cool down or the automatic overheat protection kicks in again and shuts me down for a longer while.

I wonder what our destination for today will be. Yesterday I looked up the route and distance to Cervantes but we didn’t go there. It had got dark before we were even close and we don’t drive at night. Too dangerous with all the critters and animals that come out at night and decide to cross the roads.

“Okay then, let’s go to Cervantes today and check out the pinnacles there,” Valentina said. No problemo. We should be there in about an hour and a half. There’s hardly any traffic which doesn’t just have to do with the early hours right now but also with the location. Not many people live up here and the further north you come the more camper-trailers you’ll see instead of locals. The visitor center at Pinnacles Desert Discovery within Nambung National Park opens at 9.30am. Good planning, mate!

“I wonder how the people came up with the name Cervantes up here. Siri, look up history of town Cervantes in Western Australia.” Nothing easier than that: “Cervantes, Miguel Saavedra, Spanish writer born on   in and died on   in 1616. Most famous for his novel Don Quijote where this crazy would-be knight decided to fight some windmills in the region of La Mancha. Don Quijote saw them as giants that had to be defeated. His loyal servant and help Sancho Panza tried to tell him that they were only windmills but Don Quijote was not to be stopped.”

“Next entry, Siri, I know all of this. I read Don Quijote at university and know about Cervantes. I want to know why this town has his name.”

“Cervantes, Western Australia. Town of ca. 5oo inhabitants. Named after a ship that wrecked nearby which was named after the Spanish novelist Miguel Cervantes. The Cervantes was a whaling ship built in Bathe, Maine, and was later under new flag and in possession of Englishman. It shipwrecked on 20 June 1844 in Jurien Bay.

“Thank you, Siri, that was very enlightening. All just in time before we enter the Pinnacle Desert Park. How about you give us a little info about that now before we start the drive through the park?”

“It would be a pleasure, Valentina. Pinnacles Desert in Nambung National Park is located about 200km north of Perth. The pinnacles are natural limestone structures that formed about 25.000 years ago. Scientists are still working on the exact date and how these structured formed. Back in those days the sea receded and left deposits of seashells. Everything was covered in sand and throughout the years the coastal winds have carried the sand away and left the pillars exposed to the elements. You can see the proximity of the pinnacles to the coast when you stand on top of the hills from where you can sea the Indian Ocean. The exact number of pinnacles is unclear, but there are a lot. Be aware of the animals that live I the park. You may come across emus, kangaroos, echidnas, and different types of reptiles and birds. You can the car and drive though the desert or take a walk. Just make sure you don’t destroy anything and protect nature.”

“Holy shit! I did not expect this!” I know, right?


watch my video here:

Drive through Pinnacle Desert

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