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26-8-17 – Pink Lake


Spent half day at Geraldton to solve the internet problem. I couldn’t connect to the internet for a while and that is not and option for this trip. I need to be able to know where I am and what is going on. Also I need to feed Valentina with information so getting the internet fixed on the phone was an absolute priority.

I got a new sim card and I’m rolling again! Matilda got new oil and filters and seems to be happy too. And Valentina? She got good conversations J One she had with a police officer at a petrol station whom she asked about a mechanic who worked on Saturdays. He recommended her a couple of places and asked her if the car was leaking oil. She shook her head and said the car was due for a service in 500km but since the oil was low anyway she thought about having the service done now instead of putting another half liter or so in. She showed him the oil measure and he agreed that it was a bit low. He then wiped the oil off the thingy and his fingers on his trousers. “Don’t do that!” Valentina said. “Hasn’t your mum told you not to wipe your hands on your trousers?” she asked grinning. “I never listened to mum,” he said also grinning. They chatted a bit more and when she mentioned she was from Germany he told her the Germans needed to get their shit together over there and sort out the things with the immigrants. Else they would lose their culture with all the immigrants flooding in. Wow, some Australians are – well - really anti-immigration to put it mildly. She asked him what to do about all those war-ridden refugees who are fleeing their country because of war and persecution and hunger. His reply was to keep them at the borders of their country since they don’t want to leave their country but have to. Ah, so we ‘save’ our country by making the refugees stay in countries which border their home country and make it those countries’ problem then. “You don’t solve the problems they have by taking them in, you solve them on site. Stop the wars and situations that make people leave instead of spending millions of dollars and putting your country and society at risk.” The police officer was really on a role now. Valentina agreed but at the same time she disagreed with him about refusing to give shelter for refugees. Since she didn’t want to start a heated discussion in front of the petrol station she replied, “ All I can say I’m glad I’m not the chancellor right now because deciding these things is so difficult. And not just the immigration stuff, lots of things seem to have simple solutions but then they don’t. There are often so many things to consider.” The officer nodded and said she was so right. She thanked him again for his tip about the mechanic and he wished her a safe trip.

“Phew, Siri, I did not want to get into a conversation like this. Let’s go and get the oil change done so we can head on to the Pink Lake.

Ah, yes, the Pink Lake. It is called the Pink Lake because it is pink indeed. The reason for that is the combination high salinity with a certain bacteria , the Dunaliella salina, a salt-loving algae species in the lake. It is an interesting phenomenon. The proximity of a BASF chemical plant next to the lake may just be a coincident.

We drove on for a bit longer and Valentina decided to call it a day earlier than usually. I looked up a free campground and we drove there. It was just past Kalbarri and in the Kalbarri National Park but it turned out it was a homestead and not a free campground. It was a pretty spot and Valentina decided to stay anyway. I guess she didn’t feel like driving on and I don’t blame her. We could sit in the sun for a bit, have coffee – she did, I didn’t of course – and read a bit. Then she set up her car and took forever to get the mosquito net wrapped around the open back of the car. It was a bit of fiddling around and figuring out a way how to attach it and cover all holes and gaps. She finally worked it out and I must say she did a decent job. At least for now. We’ll know more about how successful she was in the morning.

Good night, Matilda. Good night, Valentina. Good night, Vincent. Good night, Coco. Good night, Maya. Good night, Neve.

campground at a farm at Kalbarri
campground at a farm at Kalbarri

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  1. „The proximity of a BASF chemical plant next to the lake may just be a coincident.“ Funny. Much of the community of Hoosick Falls, NY, has recently been declared a superfund site by the EPA because of the proximity of Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics plant and the PFOAs it released = contaminated most of the drinking water.

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