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24 Aug 2017 – Rabbit Proof Fence No.1


We got up early today, right about with the sunrise. That meant it was just after 6am. I thought we would since we went to bed early last night. Valentina took her camping cooker out for the first time and made herself some fresh coffee. Unfortunately I don’t have any smell or taste function yet. I would love to smell or even taste good coffee. All I know it that there are differences and that good coffee allegedly smells wonderful and tastes wonderful too. For the time being I have to take your word for that. “Mmmh, this is good. What a fun way to brew your coffee in the morning.” She is happy, I know that. She had bought a cute enamel kettle and billy can to boil water and cook food. It seemed to work fine this morning.

Then we set off to go back towards Perth because Valentina wants to travel up north along the wets coast. It will be another several hours drive, but we have time. We stopped again several times to take some pictures and then Valentina saw a sign for Rabbit Proof Fence. I quickly looked up what that is and what I found was basically the long version of what the sign later on explained too.

I remember Valentina watching a film called ‘Rabbit Proof Fence’ or ‘The Long Way Home’ starring Kenneth Branagh as the white official Protector of Western Australian Aborigines whose aim it was to ‘whiten’ all aboriginals by interbreeding them with white people. Arrogant racist is what Valentina calls them. I know a lot about history and I must say, humans are a despicable breed. Well, some of them.

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