March 20, 2018 - Picton stinks

No, that's unfair. It was my car that stank. It stank like sewage. It stank exactly like the dump loos in the wilderness. And why was that? Simple. I had forgotten to screw the lid back onto the porta-loo after I had emptied it at the dump. There I was, so happy to have an empty porta-loo before I go back on the ferry. And then I left the lid at the station and drove off with an open loo. Luckily I smelled it quickly and checked on it so I could drive back and pick up the lid. Yes, it was still exactly there where I had left it. Now I could drive to the ferry and check in.

The crossing across Cook Strait from Picton to Wellington was very nice. Much nicer than the first trip. There were barely any waves, the weather was great and the wind, despite being strong out on the strait, was quite warm. And the view! My goodness what a beautiful view you get when you drive through Queen Charlotte Sound. At that point I had to agree with most other people: the South Island is more beautiful than the North Island. But only just.

knitting and spinning circle at Picton library, very cool
knitting and spinning circle at Picton library, very cool
Queen Charlotte Sound

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