January 24, 2018 - Melbourne Airport


When I checked my emails yesterday morning, I found the reminder to check in for my flight to New Zealand. What? Wait! Wasn't the flight on Thursday? Nope, I had the date right, but confused the day. Thank Goddess for online check in emails. As a consequence my day went differently. I did my laundry, packed my bags, cleaned my bedroom (which was really just removing the sheet from the bed since I had used my own blanket) and eaten everything I had still left. My workaway host asked me to run some errands for her which I would have done, had she been better organized. Different story. In the end I just stayed until about 8pm. I had done everything I needed doing including finished watching Frankie&Gracie on Netflix.

My flight leaves at 6.30am and I had decided to leave my car at a long term parking lot. I didn't want to get up in the middle of the night to arrange parking and the shuttle service and such so I decided to watch a film at the drive-in movies. OMG, what a great idea that was. Not kidding here. The venue had three big screens. I had never seen that before. You would get your sound via a radio station in your car. I loved it! If I wanted to I could snoop in the other films too. But I stuck to Jumanji and loved laughing out loud and making comments without disturbing anyone. Some families were tailgating so their kids would watch the film lying in the car. I didn't care about the bugs (no, I don't mean the kids) so I just sat in my driver's seat and enjoyed the whole event.

After movie night I drove to the parking lot and the shuttle service dropped me off at the airport. Now I still had 4-5 hrs to kill. I found a bench and got an hour's or two sleep before I dropped my baggage off. Now I'm about to board and what can I say - New Zealand, here I come!

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