Dat pöggsken - The Little Frog


Dat pöggsken, Low German word for little frog, is a children’s poem by the Westphalian author Augustin Wibbelt (1862-1947). This poem is considered his most popular children’s poem. My mum recited this poem to me many times when I was a child and I still remember it today. Unfortunately the number of people who are able to speak Low German is decreasing and I myself am only able to understand bits and pieces, but can’t speak it. My mum used to speak it with our neighbour who was fluent and only spoke High German if he had to.

Under the poem there is a link to an audio file where you can listen to the author himself reading the poem in the 1930s. 

Dat Pöggsken

Pöggsken sitt in'n Sunnenschien,
O, wat is dat Pöggsken fien
Met de gröne Bücks!
Pöggsken denkt an nicks.
Kümp de witte Gausemann,
Hät so raude Stiewweln an,
Mäck en graut Gesnater,
Hu, wat fix
Springt dat Pöggsken met de Bücks,
Met de schöne gröne Bücks,
Met de Bücks in't Water!

Dat Pöggsken


Here’s a translation of the poem:


The little frog

Little frog sits in the sunshine,

Oh, what was the little frog fine

With the green pants!

Little frog was thinking of nothing.

Comes the white gooseman

Has such red boots on,

Makes a loud raucous,

Hey, how swiftly

Jumps the little frog with the green pants,

With the beautiful green pants,

With the pants into the water!

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