1770 – An aboriginal version

(this is a translation into English since most readers won’t understand Gureng Gureng, the language of the Meerooni people)

“Look! Look! What is that?”

“Ah, I don’t know. I have never seen anything like that before.”

“It is very big.”

“Eeh-mm. Yes.”

“Do you think it’s a big whale?”

“Ah, whia. Not a whale. Look. There are men coming to the beach. Different than us. White men.”

“Go and get the other men. And tell them to bring the spears and the boomerangs.”

“What is XXX telling us? What do you mean there is a big whale with white men?”

“Not a whale. But white men. There on the beach.”

“Ah, eeh-mm.”

“What are they doing?”

“It looks like they are looking for something.”

“There! The short leader is not very clever. It looks like he is being stung by the ants and caterpillars while he is looking at the trees and bushes.”

“Why is he picking the useless bushes? He can’t eat any of them. He should take the ones next to that bush, it has good berries. Or the other one. He can make a good drink with it and good medicine.”

“Ah, eeh-mm. Stupid man.”

“Shall we go and attack them?”

“Ah, whia. No attack.”

“Shall we meet them and talk to them?”

“Ah, whia. We wait and watch. If they stay here after dark we will watch them and then speak to them when the sun comes up.”


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