Hey there, that's me, Valentina,

welcome to my blog, my page, part of my life.


I'm a traveller/ teacher/ student/ lover/ enthusiast/ sister/ aunt/ writer - not necessarily in that order. My true travel gene manifested a few years ago when I took a sabbatical from teaching and travelled all over the USA and a bit of Canada. I was so intrigued by the experience that I already applied for another sabbatical during the one I was doing.


My friends basically complained that I didn’t write a blog last time I travelled. All they got were the updates they saw on Facebook. I heard you! I decided to start my blog for the next trip(s) and include other stories I come up with.

So, this 45+ years old, naturally gray-haired and sometimes fake blond woman will provide you with little stories of her life and more.


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Stuff I'm currently into

When the coffee maker sings(1)

Here it is:

my first novella as an eBook.

go here "When the coffee maker sings"

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Thanks & Enjoy !

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